WordPress Plugin : WP Plugin Security Check

An up-to-date WordPress installation is as safe as it can be, plugins however can often pose a security risk because they’re not maintained by hundreds of contributors. A plugin is as secure as the security knowledge of the developer allows it to be. In some cases this creates loopholes for exploits. WP Plugin Security Check checks plugins for bad practices and possible security holes limiting the risk of a compromised WordPress installation to a ‘hate to say I told you so’. Continue reading “WordPress Plugin : WP Plugin Security Check”

WordPress plugin: VaultPress Status

If you haven’t heard about VaultPress yet, go check it out! Basically it’s safety and backup-y goodness for your WordPress installation by the good people of Automattic. I’ve started using VaultPress not too long ago ( it’s still in beta at the time of me writing this post ) and I really enjoy watching it’s progressbars indicating that I’m solid in the case my hosting provider goes down or disappears. But I wanted to see this progress in the frontend of my website…