WordPress plugin: VaultPress Status

If you haven’t heard about VaultPress yet, go check it out! Basically it’s safety and backup-y goodness for your WordPress installation by the good people of Automattic. I’ve started using VaultPress not too long ago ( it’s still in beta at the time of me writing this post ) and I really enjoy watching it’s progressbars indicating that I’m solid in the case my hosting provider goes down or disappears. At least all my data ( Uploads, Plugins, Themes and Database ) are safely stored in VaultPress and I can be up and running again soon when a hosting disaster strikes. To me this is a must-have if you run a high traffic blog.

One thing thing I missed though was the displaying of the VaultPress backup progress on the frontend of my website. That’s why I decided to build VaultPress Status. VaultPress Status brings your VaultPress backup status to your WordPress Admin Bar. Now you can enjoy that safe and secure feeling straight from the frontend of your website.


  1. Upload the folder `vaultpress-status` to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. You’re all done.



  • Brings support for VaultPress plugin version 1.0 and higher.
  • Drops support for VaultPress plugin version 0.9.x and lower.


  • Now also displaying the latest message sent by VaultPress.


  • First version of the plugin.

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      1. Weird, it works fine for one of my sites (WPCandy) but not my other (my personal blog). I’ll have to dig into it further and see what the difference between the two is.

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