Enabling Magento payment methods for backend orders

Magento has a great, albeit lesser known feature that allows you to create orders in the backend. This is especially handy for stores that also take orders by phone because this allows them to utilize Magento’s inventory status, coupons etc. but the order is also registered in Magento’s statistics, providing a clearer picture. Continue reading Enabling Magento payment methods for backend orders

How to add a Facebook like button to your products in Magento

Ever since Google admitted to using social network data for the calculation of their SERPs the remainder of online businesses have finally started taking social media seriously. Therefor I thought it was time to do a post on how to implement the Facebook like button in your Magento product pages, the right way. Here’s how..

Getting all product information in Magento

Whilst working on a Magento webshop I was asked to show the ratings and several custom attributes for the related products. Sadly I found out that the data collection Magento fetches by default for related products is limited to the data they want to show in their default theme so I had to find another way. Find out how I did this.