How WordPress’ awesomeness fooled me today

This morning I was wondering how many other people might think if the soon to be released WordPress 3.5 would get the codename “Brubeck” after Dave Brubeck’s passing earlier this week.

So I did a quick Twitter search to check this but I kept seeing results only matching “Brubeck”, “WordPress” was nowhere to be seen. I double checked everything, I even started thinking that Twitter search might be broken.

And then it hit me. All the tweets I was seeing had a link in them from the domain and were resolving to a blog. I was looking for a quick answer to a silly question and instead I was pleasantly reminded by how many people use WordPress. Now, that is awesome!

CakePHP Auth redirect problem

Today I lost a good two hours trying to find a solution to a ‘weird’ problem. I was having the issue – after implementing the Auth component in CakePHP 2.1 – that after logging in, the app didn’t redirect properly. At least that was what my browser was telling me. After my long Google search with only ‘ancient’ results for problems and bugs with the Auth system that didn’t exist anymore I finally had my Eureka moment. Drum roll please