Resetting the session storage options in Magento

During the Magento installation you’re given the option whether you want to save session data in the database or in the filesystem. Generally, saving the session information in the database is the better option for larger sites, as this allows easier clustering for multiple servers. For smaller websites you might want to save the extra queries and just go with saving the session data in the filesystem, although this could be a bit slower. If you ever want to switch between the two options just follow the following steps. Continue reading “Resetting the session storage options in Magento”

WordPress Plugin: LDB WP e-Commerce iDeal

For almost two years now I’ve been using Magento for the development of webshops. But sometimes clients that aren’t that tech-savvy demand a more ‘accessible’ solution. Because I’m also a WordPress developer I decided to take a look if the WordPress community offered a decent e-Commerce solution. Although I’m a bit skeptical about some coding techniques that are used I really like WP e-Commerce for it’s simplicity and ease-of-use. It just lacks one thing, a decent payment gateway for iDeal. Continue reading “WordPress Plugin: LDB WP e-Commerce iDeal”

How to Base64 encode your images

A few weeks ago Google started including Instant Previews in their Google Instant SERPs. For this Google uses the same trick they’ve been using on YouTube results in the SERPs, presenting the images with Base64 encoding. The main purpose for Google is to reduce the number of HTTP request to their servers. If every SERP would require 10 additional images to be loaded it would most definitely impact the ‘perceptual speed’ at which the website is loaded. With Base64 encoding image data can be send inline and it wouldn’t require additional HTTP requests, just some extra milliseconds for sending this data. Continue reading “How to Base64 encode your images”

How to disable “Billing Agreements” and “Recurring Profiles” in Magento

With the release of Magento also came the introduction of “Billing Agreements” and “Recurring Profiles”. These new functionalities were based on commercial modules which offered recurring periodical payment. Sadly they’ve been build into Mage_Core which doesn’t allow you to disable their output via System > Configuration > Advanced > Advanced. Continue reading “How to disable “Billing Agreements” and “Recurring Profiles” in Magento”