Getting all product information in Magento

Whilst working on a Magento webshop I was asked to show the ratings and several custom attributes for the related products. Sadly I found out that the data collection Magento fetches by default for related products is limited to the data they want to show in their default theme so I had to find another way.

As it turns out this is pretty easy but poorly documented. Basically I just added the following within the foreach loop in ‘/app/design/frontend/default/templatename/template/catalog/product/list/related.phtml’.

$model = Mage::getModel('catalog/product');

Now instead of the default fields I can easily get all the other product data too with some simple functions like:

// For the ratings
echo $this->getReviewsSummaryHtml($model);

// For a custom dropdown attribute named 'brand'
echo $model->getAttributeText('brand');

Of course this also works in every other loop, as long as you have the product ID you can fetch all the data you want.

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  2. Hi

    I wonder if can help with a Magento question?

    Do you know how to add an image of the product to the order email template and a product link back to its product page on the Magento site? I can’t find any info on this, not sure if can be done, any help would be great.


  3. Hi,

    I need some help for creating new API for magento. The problem is where to store the xml and php file and naming of the php class ? So can you show me sample for this ?

      1. Hi ,

        Thanks for your reply,

        I am using magento community edition


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