Adding Zend ACL to CodeIgniter

As you might know I’m a big fan of CodeIgniter and although the system is pretty awesome right out-of-the-box there are some elements I always add before I start developing an application in CodeIgniter. One of those is the following ACL class. I used to work with a simple and straight-forward ACL class I wrote myself but about two years ago I decided to implement Zend’s powerful ACL library in my CodeIgniter installations. I decided to share this with you in this little how-to. Continue reading “Adding Zend ACL to CodeIgniter”

Web services and backward compatibility

About a year ago I was asked by a client to update their existing web service because of some changes in the way they wanted to process their sales data. Luckily this client has always understood the importance of a Service-Oriented Architecture ( SOA ) since they deal with large amounts of resellers who need to access, edit and create data. All I had to do was apply the changes to their web service. Continue reading “Web services and backward compatibility”