Setting up virtual hosting with MAMP

My apologies for not posting anything lately but I’ve been really busy developing several Magento shops. Normally I have the luxury to start development early on a test domain but for a more recent assignment this wasn’t the case. When I decided to start working on this webshop locally I encountered big problems with Magento running in a vanilla MAMP setup so I decided to share with you how you can easily turn MAMP into a more solid testing environment. Continue reading “Setting up virtual hosting with MAMP”

Bulk change prices in Magento

First of all, sorry for the misleading title. This article is actually about deducting the tax from prices in Magento via SQL. A few days ago I got an e-mail by a client in which he mentioned that he entered the prices including tax in Magento, instead of the prices excluding tax. After a short investigation on the internet on how to easily edit the prices I came across a plugin which costs around $60. But I thought I could easily manage this without purchasing the plugin. Continue reading “Bulk change prices in Magento”

Testing password strength with a simple regex

In a world where the biggest security risk exists between the chair and the keyboard, weak passwords are the quickest way of allowing yourself to be hacked. A brute force attack for a 8 character lowercase password can be done in (micro)seconds. And although you should always protect your application against these attacks ( e.g. allowing three wrong password entries before suspending the account ) I’ve always felt you should be “training” your end-users. Help them create strong passwords so that this specific part of security is the least of your worries when developing a web application. Continue reading “Testing password strength with a simple regex”