WordPress Plugin: LDB WP e-Commerce iDeal

For almost two years now I’ve been using Magento for the development of webshops. But sometimes clients that aren’t that tech-savvy demand a more ‘accessible’ solution. Because I’m also a WordPress developer I decided to take a look if the WordPress community offered a decent e-Commerce solution. Although I’m a bit skeptical about some coding techniques that are used I really like WP e-Commerce for it’s simplicity and ease-of-use. It just lacks one thing, a decent payment gateway for iDeal. Continue reading “WordPress Plugin: LDB WP e-Commerce iDeal”

How to remove the default author profile fields in WordPress

When working on a client’s website you want the back-end to be as clutter-free as possible to avoid having to explain what certain things mean. This recently was the case when I was working on a WordPress website. I didn’t want the bother the client with fields for AIM, Jabber / Google Talk or Yahoo IM. Removing these fields was really easy to do. Continue reading “How to remove the default author profile fields in WordPress”