My WordPress Meetup Eindhoven 2011 slide decks

The slide decks to my WordPress Meetup Eindhoven ( #wpm040 ) talk titled “WordPress Evangelism” in both Dutch and English.

In this post you’ll find the English and Dutch slide decks to my talk titled “WordPress Evangelism” which I gave at WordPress Meetup Eindhoven. You can expect an extensive review of the event itself after I’ve recovered from the afterparty.

Click here the view the slide decks

WordPress Evangelism : Hosting a meetup

On 6/22/2011 we’re hosting a WordPress meetup in Eindhoven, NL. Speakers include Joost de Valk, Tom Hermans, Coen Jacobs and me.

Because it’s been a while since I did my last post ( I’ve been busy ) I decided to give an update on what Coen Jacobs, Johan Slob and I have been working on. Introducing WordPress Meetup Eindhoven