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This is my second post for my WordPress Evangelism series. And even though the first one wasn’t posted too long ago I decided to do this follow up because of some exciting news, well to me at least. Although I’m still actively trying to organize some local WP Meetups I’ve also started working on translating WordPress to Limburgish.

Limburgish is a language spoken by 700.000 Dutch people ( making it the second biggest language in the Netherlands ), 600.000 Belgians and even some Germans. Being from nothern Dutch Limburg myself I’m trying to keep the translation as pure ‘Limburgs’ as I can. Limburgish is heavily influenced by hundreds of local dialects and several pitch accents so I’m doing the translation with my dictionaries by my side to prevent my own dialect from popping through.

I decided to start working on this translation because I’m just as proud of my heritage as thousands of other Limburgers. And to me combining something I love ( WordPress ) with something else I love ( the Limburgish language ) seems like a match made in heaven. I’m sure several Limburgish voluntary associations and gatherings of friends will be delighted by the fact that there finally is a publishing platform out there speaking their language, well soon at least. Right now I’m at 15% of the translation and after having it translated in full I’ll give it another pass making sure I’ve used all the right accents and convert them all to the right entities to make sure they all show correctly.

If you’re a native Limburgish speaker and want to help out with the translating feel free to drop me an email or leave a comment and I’ll put in the request at WP Polyglots.

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  1. Heej Luc,

    Good bezig jong, vindt ut een good idee umdet weej aas Limburgers net zoe (al dan neet nog mier) trots zien op ozze taal as de Frieze. Veur een aantal dinger zoej ik ut auk good kinne gebroeke al is het mier een gimmik! Aasse help neudig hups heur ik ut gear!

    Hoije Wah! (of zoe aas ze t in Mestreeg zegge Adieje wah!)

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