The Becoming

It’s been over two years that I gathered the will to write something for this blog. A lot has changed, I have changed. Two and a half years into this London experiment, and I still don’t know where I’ll be in 10 years, there’s so much to see, so much to discover, but for now this is definitely home.

Professionally I’ve continued to hone my skill set, dropping certain technologies, adopting others, continuously working towards being the best damn engineer I can be in the field I’m in, and want to be in.

On a more personal level, after a few turbulent years, I’m exactly the person I want to be. Brutal honesty and openness has given me an amazing circle of friends and I no longer feel I have to tone down certain elements of my personality (which makes me wonder if people accept it more because I’m that weird foreigner). I’m making the most of it.

From now on I will try to write more, and if I can muster the fucks I will eventually re-align this blog to more closely resemble the person I have become.