Affiliate Press for WordPress

The easiest way to set up an affiliate website

Affiliate Press is a simple WordPress plugin that allows you to set up an affiliate website based on product feeds as easy as 1-2-3. It allows you to set up an unlimited amount of affiliate product feeds for processing. You can easily tie a product – created as a custom post type – to an item in a product feed based on a shared identifier – a custom field. Once a feed has been processed the products will – thanks to a little PHP snippet – display a list of websites and the prices it’s available for on those websites, linked by affiliate links. Easy as that. All that remains is creating a nice theme, optimizing your website with your favorite SEO plugin ( I suggest using Yoast’s WordPress SEO ) and maybe setting up an SEA plan to draw some more traffic to your website.

How the plugin came to be

Not too long ago I started building a tool that would allow companies to easily compare their prices compared to those of their competitors based on their affiliate product feeds. Having made this application in CakePHP I couldn’t help but wonder how many of the functionality I had built was actually already present in WordPress. Instead of focusing on the corporate side of things and inspired by some friends who run a bunch of affiliate websites I decided to make it a bit easier for the masses.

What’s still to come

Currently the plugin is still released as a beta version because I’m still tweaking a lot of the functionality and want to make it even easier to use. So what’s still on the drawing board? Well, at least the following:

  • A settings page.
  • Cron job support for processing affiliate feeds
  • Nifty little dashboard giving you some insight on how your affiliate website is performing.
  • Add a feed-wizard
  • An extensive help and documentation section
  • Whatever you guys come up with, as long as it makes sense, so feel free to let me know



  • Added ways to contact me to the sidebar.
  • Expanded the FAQ.


  • Added support for categories and tags to the product post type.
  • Updated the FAQ.


  • Added contextual help to all the pages of the plugin. I’ll try to expand these in the near future.
  • Removed a dependency on the $_SERVER[‘HTTP_REFERER’] variable.
  • Confirmed that the wizard works perfectly with TradeDoubler product feeds.


  • Confirmed that the wizard also works with product feeds.
  • Made some changes to the way how the dashboard statistics are calculated.
  • Added the currency to the price table for the front-end.
  • Fixed some typos.


  • Added a first version of the dashboard.


  • Added the ‘Add New Feed Wizard’. It’s still rudimentary and feedback would be highly appreciated. Should work like a charm with Daisycon feeds.


  • Minor CSS change.
  • Alerts/Messages are now dismissible.


  • Added support for cron jobs. They will process all prices every hour for now. Later I’ll make this manageable through a settings page.
  • Fixed a small bug where performing a bulk actions redirected you to the wrong page.
  • Tweaked the styling on the messages/warnings a little.
  • Made the icons stand out more.
  • The title tags for the ‘hidden pages’ are now also rendered correctly.
  • Switched from POST to GET methods on the feed and item index pages to allow keyboard entry of page numbers for the pagination.
  • Added support to return you to the right index page if you’ve been using sortable columns.


  • Rewrite of a substantial part of the code.
  • You’re now able to link a feed item to an existing product.
  • The number of prices linked to a product is now shown on the products index page.


  • Fixed some typos.
  • Added a pointer to help adding a feed.


  • Second beta release.
  • Added support for automatic image import from the feed when creating drafts.


  • Initial beta release.


You can download my plugin from the WordPress plugin directory or straight from your own WordPress installation by going to the ‘Plugins’ menu and doing a search for ‘Affiliate Press’.

6 Replies to “Affiliate Press for WordPress”

  1. Hey, Luc:
    your affiliate press plugin is amazing, this is exactly what I need for my coupon website. however, when I test it, there are few small bugs. it cannot create draft with picture and content properly. I reset the xpath and trying to look at the code but still not working. and the products as post cannot display into index page. I was wondering if could look it up on that. really appreciated your work. big fan!!

  2. Thanks for developing and sharing such a plugin. I still have to try it but I’d like to ask if this plugin would work to setup a price comparsion site? Note: You mentioned you decided to develop the plugin whilst working on a price comparsion site.

    1. Hey Matthew,

      Yep, if you were to have several feeds you can use it as a price comparison tool. If you’re in need of some additional help, feel free to contact me!


  3. Ik zoek naar een eigen affiliatie programma dat een deel (2%) van mijn marge op een verkocht product (variërend in stapjes van 0,01%, tussen 10 en 20%) kan uitkeren aan de cookie bezitter (degene die er als eerste voor gezorgd heeft dat de koper op mijn WP verkoop-site komt)

    De verkoopsprijs van het product kan varieren tussen €0,01 en €500,00 waarbij bedragen onder de €10,00 betaald worden vanuit een deposito dat, evenals de hogere bedragen, dmv bankoverschrijving of iDeal gevuld gaat worden.

    Is uw WP plug-in daarvoor geschikt of moet die daarvoor aangepast worden?

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